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The stunning first edition hardcover of A Fate Inked in Blood will feature blue page edges, a custom-stamped case, and a premium dust jacket!

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In the Norse-inspired fantasy romance duology’s inaugural installment, “A Fate Inked in Blood,” a shield maiden, favored by divine forces, engages in a struggle to unify a nation beneath the dominion of a power-hungry king. Amidst her quest, she grapples with an escalating yearning for the king’s fiery son.

Renowned author of The Bridge Kingdom series, the creator promises a captivating journey in this must-read fantasy of 2024, acclaimed by Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of “From Blood and Ash.”

The inaugural edition of “A Fate Inked in Blood” boasts exquisite details, including foil page edges, a customized case, and a deluxe dust jacket.

Trapped in an undesirable marriage, Freya, relegated to fish gutting, nurtures aspirations of warriorhood and harbors vengeance against her brutish spouse.

Freya’s aspirations manifest abruptly when her husband’s treachery propels her into a deadly confrontation against his son, Bjorn, under the jarl’s jurisdiction. To survive, Freya must disclose her deepest secret: her possession of a drop of divine blood, endowing her with the abilities of a shield maiden capable of repelling any assault. Prophecy decrees that such powers will unify the fractured nation of Skaland under the manipulator of the shield maiden’s destiny.

Convinced of his ordained sovereignty over Skaland, the zealous jarl binds Freya with a blood oath, tasking Bjorn with her protection against adversaries. Striving to prove her mettle, Freya embarks on rigorous training in combat and the control of her magical prowess, all while confronting perilous trials orchestrated by the gods. However, her most formidable trial may lie in resisting her illicit attraction to Bjorn. Should Freya succumb to her desire for the charismatic and valiant warrior, she risks not only her own fate but also the destiny of those she has vowed to safeguard.


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